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I’m Maryam, your guide on this exploration through the essence of city living, marked by its challenges and victories.

Our journey is one of resilience, capturing those critical moments that stretch our boundaries and propel us toward realizing our full potential. It’s about overcoming adversity, connecting through our collective narratives, and the relentless spirit that drives us forward.

About our Host

Maryam Marissen is an entrepreneur, mother of two, women’s health advocate, and healthtech CEO — celebrating nearly two decades of experience in her dynamic and challenging field.

On Sundays you can find her leading a walk in Vancouver with her group VANCITY GIRLS WHO WALK.

You can follow her on LinkedIn to keep tabs on her work, and for regular updates surrounding wellness, tech and health.

What We Talk About

Each episode is an invitation to be inspired, to ignite that spark within, and to navigate the complexities of the urban hustle with open hearts, determination and more human connection. But it’s not just about us. We’re also bringing in innovators and leaders who will share their wisdom and personal journeys, offering insights into their industries. 

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